Types of Ownership

Here at Alex Dunn Racing we offer a selection of types of ownership. Whether you're a first timer interesting in experiencing Racehorse ownership without the hassle or a long time enthusiast looking to make a major investment we have something for you.


Sole ownership

You will be the owner of the horse and no-one else. As such, any cost and profits will be yours alone. You will also have a close involvement with any of the decisions regarding the horse. The horse will be able to run in your name and a set of colours chosen by you. Click the button below to contact us for any further enquiries.



Co-ownership of a racehorse involve the participation of more than one owner. It is effectively any type of racehorse ownership other than sole ownership. Entering in co-ownership of a racehorse can lead to a number of different variations in how you, the owner, are involved. Again for further information about this contact us using the button below.


Racing Club

Here at Alex Dunn racing we also offer membership to the exclusive West Buckland Racing Club. There is plenty of other information about this available through the button below.


This form of ownership avoids a capital outlay for a racehorse and involves ownership of the racehorse for a designated period of time. You can lease a racehorse for a single race or its whole career and anywhere inbetween. A lease can consist of between 2 and 20 individuals, of which atleast 2 must become, or already be, registered owners. For more information contact us using the button below.